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Specialized Utilities Services Program

Systems manage a wide variety of challenges.  Regulations, rate studies, smoke testing, customer service, training and so much more.  Through system visits and input from CRWA membership, it is clear that small systems struggle to meet all of the challenges with very limited staffing and funding options. SUSP has been created to fill that gap. 

SUSP is an internal CRWA program that is able to provide both short and long term solutions to Utilities.  SUSP has the flexibility and staffing to provide planned services by experienced operators and managers at very competitive prices.  Staff have CDPH certifications in treatment and distribution and years of experience in the field.

Service Options

The following are services available through SUSP:

Wastewater System Contract Operations* Water System Leak Detection Services*

Cross Connection Services*

Collection System Smoke Testing* Management Services/Best Practice Analysis*

Community Threat and Risk Assessment*

Utility Rate studies

Loan and Grant application writing

GPS mapping services
Water quality sample collections

Valve and Hydrant Maintenance

Surface Water Treatment Rule Reporting
Meter reading and maintenance

System Flushing

Compliance reporting



*More information below

Service Fees

SUSP fees are determined by type of service needed and membership status.  CRWA members will receive a 30% discount on all SUSP services.

Leak Detection and Smoke Testing are priced on a daily amount, based on length of time on the job and the amount of participation by the system.  For example a system could provide needed traffic control and would not be charged for that specific portion of the job.  Other services like contract operations or a rate evaluation will be priced on a by the job basis. 

Please contact SUSP at 916.553-4900 or email info@calruralwater.org.

Wastewater System Contract Operations

We offer complete wastewater system operations and maintenance for municipal, industrial and commercial systems located in California. We have extensive experience in both conventional and package wastewater system operations and maintenance. Let our experienced staff of certified wastewater operators help you minimize operating costs and increase the efficiency of reliability if your wastewater system.

• Wastewater utility management and advisory services

• All required compliance reporting

• Treatment and collections system maintenance

• NPDES reporting


Water System Leak Detection Services

Our skilled and experienced staff utilizse state of the art equipment to perform comprehensive surveys in locating unaccounted for water loss. We can also train your staff on the proper usage of the equipment. Our state of the art equipment includes:

• Leak surveyors and correlators

• Pipe Locators

• Hydrophones

• Computerized Leak Sound Loggers


Cross Connection Services

Our backflow staff is available to meet requirements and help prevent contamination of your supply through:

• Cross Connection Site Surveys

• Backflow Device Testing

• State Required Reports


Collection System Smoke Testing

SUSP will work with communities to identify costly inflow and infiltration problems within their collection system. SUSP can provide smoke testing services utilizing the latest green safe smoke, manhole inspection services and more.


Management Services/Best Practice Analysis

If your system is not operating efficiently, SUSP staff is able to provide objective operations evaluations and provide treatment plant optimization and evaluation plans.


Community Threat and Risk Assessment

CRWA –SUSP will utilize the Homeland Security comprehensive Assessment Model (HLS-CAM™) to perform an all hazards assessment. The HLS-CAM™) is a five part continuous process consisting of the following:

• Threat and Risk Assessment

• Criticality Assessment Matrix

• M/D–Sharpp Matrix

• Community Priority Assessment Plan

• Vulnerability Assessment Of Critical Facilities