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Helpful Links


 •  National Rural Water Association
•  Small Water Systems Consumer Confidence Information

State and Federal Agencies:

•  EPA's Homepage
•  USDA California Homepage
•  SWRB Drinking Water Program Homepage
•  SWRB Drinking Water Laws, Regulations & Statutes
•  SWRB Water Security and Emergency Preparedness and Response information
    Click here to get an electronic copy of SWRB's "Blue Book" to print out or refer to. The one labeled "Regulations" that is
    211 pages is what used to be referred to as the "Blue Book" that SWRB used to print up for their staff to use.
•  Engineering Firm Selection Process: Recommendations for Small Public Water Systems Utilizing CDPH Infrastructure
•  National Environmental Services Center
•  National Small Flows Clearinghouse (Small Flows WW magazine)
•  National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (On Tap magazine)
•  National Onsite Demonstration Program (Onsite WW treatment)
•  National Environmental Training Center for Small Communities
•  California State University - Sacramento: Operator Training Opportunities
•  State Water Resources Control Board
•  Department of Water Resources
•  Association of California Water Agencies
•  AWWA Training Information
•  California Drought Preparedness
•  California Special Districts Association
•  California Water Environment Association
•  Rural Community Assistance Corporation
•  Water industry employment opportunities
•  Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN)
•  California Communities Joint Powers Authority

Funding Resources:

•  USDA Rural Utilities Service Grants and Loans
•  California Financing Coordinating Committee (CFCC)
  State Water Resource Control Board Small Community Wastewater Grant Program