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Employment Listings

Posted November 19, 2014
Sr. Plant Maintenance Mechanic -City of Galt
Contact Name: Toni Wipfli
E-mail: twipfli@ci.galt.ca.us
Job Description:
The City of Galt is a financially sound community of 24,000 residents with wonderful small town character and family atmosphere. A growing community with many projects underway, Galt is located midway between Sacramento and Stockton with close proximity to the Bay Area and the Sierras.

The successful candidate will perform complex work and lead direction in the service, maintenance and repair of water and wastewater facilities and systems, equipment and structures and related facilities. In addition, will organize, schedule and perform operational preventative maintenance and technical mechanical work along with directing and reviewing the work of assigned staff.

The City offers a competitive salary with excellent benefits. To apply and for additional information, please visit city website @ www.ci.galt.ca.us
FFD: 12/5/2014

Posted November 5, 2014
Utilities Systems Operator I -City of Santa Rosa
Contact Name: Maria Greco
E-mail: mgreco@srcity.org
Job Description:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This recruitment may close on or before November 12, 2014. Apply online immediately at: www.srcity.org/jobs.

The City of Santa Rosa is seeking qualified individuals to apply for Utility Systems Operator I. This is the entry level class in the Utility System Operator series. This class is flexibly staffed with Utility System Operator II, and incumbents are expected to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed for promotion through extensive and systematic on-the-job training. Promotion to the higher level occurs once an incumbent completes a five (5) year apprenticeship program and meets the established criteria. Under close supervision, incumbents of this class perform the tasks necessary to construct, maintain and operate the Water Delivery and Wastewater Collection systems of the Utilities Department as they rotate through each of the department’s field crews. Work at this level is closely supervised and performed according to established procedures or specific oral or written instruction.

Special Requirements and Information for Applicants: Applicants who pass the initial application screening and the written examination will move forward to the next step in the selection process which may include a review of training and experience. Applicants who pass the pre-interview steps in the selection process will be placed on an eligibility list. The eligibility list created from this recruitment will be used to fill any current vacancies and may be used to fill future vacancies while the list remains active. The written examination is scheduled for December 19 and 20, 2014.

In order to be eligible for referral to the hiring department, candidates must meet the City of Santa Rosa Driving History Standard for this position. Candidates will be required to submit a current, official certified (with seal), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) three (3) year driving history printout.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:
The following duties are considered essential for this job classification:

• Repair and maintain water and wastewater facilities and infrastructure using hand tools, heavy equipment and specialized machinery; • install, repair and replace underground water and wastewater mains and service laterals, using basic plumbing tools, tapping machine, pipe cutters, threader, reamer, pipe wrenches and assorted pneumatic and hydraulic tools; • analyze repair options and implement repairs for both water and wastewater system operations including a large number of pressure zones, reservoir operations, and pump station operations and maintenance; • operate and monitor automated systems in the Water Supply and Water Distribution sections; • provide face-to-face customer service • enter cumulative data and produce reports; • install and monitor traditional and automated water meters and meter boxes; • test and repair water meters; • collect and document water samples to determine water temperature and levels of pH, chlorine, and contaminates such as lead and copper; • follow procedures to document and ensure the accuracy of sampling; • follow safe work practices and observe safety rules and precautions; • determine and set up safe work zone traffic control and maintain a safe work environment; • notify the public of utility-related activities that impact traffic and utility operations; • repair concrete curbs, streets and sidewalks after utility maintenance work is completed using gas operated or hand tampers; • dig and shore trenches, using shoring jacks, timbers, ladders and plywood; • work in confined space environments such as manholes, vaults, water storage tanks and sewer lift station dry wells; • detect levels of gas and quality of air in vaults and confined work spaces; • maintain pumping stations and perform preventive maintenance on alarm systems, motors, pumps, gauges, air compressors, chlorine application devices, and hydraulic valves; • inspect water, urban recycled water and wastewater systems for leaks, construction flaws or root invasions; • remove and replace manhole frames and covers; • turn, install, check, tighten, repair and replace water valves, using wrenches and valve keys; • check and maintain camera and flow monitoring equipment; • use video camera to film pipeline inspections; • utilize and understand basic electronic communication and reporting tools such as the City\'s Intranet, e-mail and time card systems and asset management systems; • enter electronic data on various computer applications used in the course of the work; • repair, maintain and install fire hydrants, using flow meter, spanner, valve key and hydrant wrench.

Additional Duties:
In addition to the duties listed in the Essential Duties Section, each employee in this classification may perform the following duties. Any single position may not be assigned all duties listed below, nor do the examples cover all duties which may be assigned.

• Perform related duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

Knowledge of: Uses and purposes of a wide variety of general construction tools and heavy and light equipment; plumbing operation; basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; basic writing and report generation; computer operation and basic data entry; customer service skills, and safe work practices, including safety precautions for operating power equipment and for working in traffic and under hazardous conditions.

Ability to: Operate heavy equipment; repeatedly lift shovels full of earth or debris weighing up to 35 pounds; set up and remove barricades, traffic cones or similar objects; use common hand tools, such as a hammer, saw, drills, wrenches, screwdriver or similar tools; learn job-related material through oral instruction and observation; learn water and wastewater system design and operation; learn specialized plumbing, underground construction, heavy equipment operation and technical utility related repair activities; perform heavy manual labor under adverse working conditions; understand and carry out oral and written directions in order to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely manner; read and understand work orders, diagrams, and maps; take basic measurements of boards or spaces; learn how to use various hand and power tools, such as a chain saw, jackhammer, sprayer, hydraulic snap cutter, power saw and concrete saw; fill out work orders and daily logs of work performed; communicate and get along with the public and co-workers in a face-to-face, one-to-one setting; climb ladders or steps to reach objects; dig up ground for ditches using a pick, shovel, spade or other tools; learn job related material through structured lecture and reading.

Experience and Education: Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be: Experience - Sufficient experience in construction, manual labor work, or service trades-related work to demonstrate possession of the knowledge and abilities listed above; Education - Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.

License and certificate: This classification requires the use of a City vehicle while conducting City business. In order to drive, individuals must be physically capable of operating City vehicles safely and must possess, or have the ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid California motor vehicle operator’s license.

Possession, and maintenance throughout employment in this class, of a valid Class A California Commercial drivers license, and any endorsement deemed necessary to operate all vehicles utilized by the local water, wastewater sections, will be required prior to completion of the probationary period. Subsequent to the probationary period, employees must also have the ability to obtain any additional endorsements determined to be required to operate these vehicles.

Possession of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification issued by the American Red Cross is desirable.

Possession of a valid, Grade I, Water Distribution Operator’s certificate issued by the State of California and a Grade I Wastewater Collection Certificate, issued by the California Water Environmental Association, or subsequent licensing body, must be obtained by the end of the third year of employment.

Additional Information:

Physical Working Conditions: The work is performed outdoors in all types of weather conditions with exposure to the elements, heavy traffic, noise, dust, mud, water, sewage, poison oak, weeds, fumes, vibrations, airborne particles, noxious odors, grease, oil, cleaning chemicals, and solvents. Incumbents carry objects such as 90-pound bags of cement, 90-pound jack hammers and 50-pound meter boxes distances of 20 feet or less; move objects weighing 50 pounds, such as sand bags and tampers, distances over 20 feet. Directing traffic involves making continuous or repetitive arm-hand movements. Operating a forklift or driving vehicles with standard transmissions requires coordinating the movement of more than one limb simultaneously. Various maintenance tasks involve bending or stooping repeatedly or continually over time. Loading debris, tools, equipment and pipes into trucks and working in trenches requires lifting arms above shoulder level.

A Utility System Operator I must be able to respond to audible alarms and other auditory warning devices such as back-up warning devices on trucks and alarms on gas detectors. Duties often include walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces. Checking USA mark outs before digging requires the ability to discriminate among colors. Operating a backhoe or a Vactor reel speed control device requires making fine, highly controlled muscular movements to adjust the position of a control mechanism. Assignments include work in small cramped areas and/or confined spaces, climbing and working off 30 foot ladders or on facilities up to 75 feet above the ground. Incumbents will be assigned to weekend shifts, or may be called out for emergency work at night, on weekends or holidays.

Posted October 27, 2014
System Operator -Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company
Contact Name: Bill Miller
E-mail: hmmwco@napanet.net
Job Description:
$4,833-$5,668 per month
Plus benefits

Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company owns a network of eight lakes and two wells plus a treatment plant that serves approximately 1,600 people in the Angwin and Deer Park communities. The successful candidate will be responsible for assisting the System Manager in overseeing water quality, treatment plant and distribution systems and maintaining appropriate records to ensure compliance with State water quality requirements and addressing customer problems.

The Water Operator provides support to the System Manager in all aspects of treating our water supply and maintaining all equipment and facilities. In the absence of the System Manager the Water Operator will act in his place. The supply of water is a 24/7 operation and the Water Operator will be expected to respond to emergencies at any time, 7 days a week.

The Water Operator will already have California T2 and D1 licenses issued by the State Water Resources Control Board (Formerly CDPH). T1 applicants applying for a T2 license will also be considered. The company will encourage, train and support the incumbent to achieve T3 and D2 licenses. Ideally the candidate will have experience in a water supply company but similar experience in a plumbing, facilities or maintenance role may be acceptable. A practical aptitude with experience in electrical and mechanical systems is required. The position also involves extensive customer contact so a professional customer service personality and appearance are necessary.

Angwin is situated 6 miles north of St. Helena in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley and is the home to Pacific Union College.

If you are interested in this position, please go to www.hmmwco.com under the employment heading and download the application and job description. Send the completed application, your resume and contact information to hmmwco@napanet.net, 707-965-2655 (fax), or PO Box 9, Angwin CA 94508.